Why Every Woman Needs a Tennis Bracelet

If you don’t have a tennis bracelet yet, you should consider adding it to your jewelry collection. It’s a timeless piece of jewelry worn since the art deco period and it’s as popular now as it was then. A woman can wear a tennis bracelet when being fancy or dressing down. Throw on a pair of jeans, a cute top and tie it all together with diamonds. A flexible, lightweight and simple diamond bracelet emanates style and elegance.

4 Things You Need To Know

  1.   The Setting

There are three classic settings which holds the diamond differently and offers its own unique look.

  • The prong setting has three or four metal prongs holding each diamond. This allows light to pass through the stone, making the diamond sparkle.
  • The channel setting has two rows of thin metal that holds the stone on either side. As a result the diamonds are tightly fitted together.
  • Lastly the bezel setting. Each diamond has its own metal casing, surrounding the bottom and sides.
  1.   How to Buy a Tennis Bracelet

The quality of the metal needs to be durable enough for everyday wear, so choose platinum or gold. Any color gold (rose, yellow, white) can be used, but make sure it’s at least 14K.

The diamonds are too small to be certified, therefore it’s important to buy a bracelet from a reputable jeweler. You can choose either square or round shaped diamonds, but a quick note:it’s important to check how the light reflects off the diamond, as the more it sparkles the better the quality. For more information take a look our blog on diamonds (insert link).

  1.   How the Tennis Bracelet Got its Name

During a long rally in the 1978 U.S open, tennis legend Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet. Evert asked the officials to pause the game to look for it, with the search being watched by spectators and TV viewers. Afterwards, jewelers began receiving requests for this elegant bracelet. Up until then, it had been called an eternity or line bracelet, but from then on was referred to as a “tennis bracelet”.

  1.   The style

Women love the tennis bracelet because it’s easy to put your own stamp on it. Whatever your style is, there is a bracelet for you! The modern tennis bracelet fan wears them alone or stacked, combining two or three tennis bracelets to create a more impactful look. If you like the stacked look, combine different metals, like gold and silver and a variety of widths. Woman are also throwing a diamond bangle or two into the mix.

There are so many ways to mix and match a tennis bracelet to express your style. This is the reason it’s should be your go-to wrist jewelry.

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