Hanna's Story

Hanna Olenik’s store was founded as a small jewelry boutique in Belgium in the 1980’s and available to Hanna’s closest family and friends only, Hanna’s collections of breathtaking jewelries has grown into an international jewelry studio – manufacturing in Italy, Israel and Belgium – and is celebrated for Hanna’s ingenious, unique and fascinating works of art.

For the True Lovers of Jewelry

Thanks to our global presence and an ever-growing demand, Hanna Olenik Fine Jewelry is providing an increasing number of people-of-good-taste worldwide the privilege of wearing exclusively designed jewelry, all of which manifest directly from Hanna’s own point of view, on top of Hanna’s distinct vision and her personal taste.

Superior Details and Design

While Hanna’s Jewelry, namely rings, necklaces, earrings, men and women’s bracelets and cufflinks are crafted using conventional materials such as white gold, diamonds and gems as well as other materials, they are anything but predictable. Made with complete care and attention, every piece is handcrafted and hand-finished thanks to traditional artistry and other special skills Hanna possesses.

Each Jewelry Is an Art Piece

Hanna’s collection oozes confidence, and magnificence, drawing devotion like no other jewelry. Hanna’s vast experience and delicate touch are both apparent and exquisite – while allowing for requests for custom-made modifications, or even completely new and private designs which will forever be your own.

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