It’s October; autumn is in full swing. As the weather changes, so does our fashion, and yes, that includes jewelry. So what’s in style right now? The jewelry adorning – or making – the outfits on the runways of New York, Paris, London, and Milan include oversized pieces, chunky links, unique earrings, asymmetry in jewelry, and a return to the 1980s. Let’s take a look at some of the fall 2018 jewelry trends. You may be pulling out some of your older pieces, adding layers for interesting combinations, or perhaps you’ll want to pick up something new to ring in this new fall season.

Bold, Oversized Chains

We’ve enjoyed the dainty layering pieces that are light and perfect for spring and summer. But this autumn brings a shift in fashion, as we’re seeing chunkier chains and statement pieces. Edgy, bold, oversized jewelry is in. Chunky gold and silver necklaces and bracelets can create contrast for a minimalist outfit, or be the eye-catching star for your new fall looks.

Bold chokers are also in style right now, and when they’re fine jewelry pieces, it’s elegance meets street style. So make a statement. Let your jewelry stand out. Wear a bold piece and show your confidence!

Singular Statement Earring

If you look through the fashion websites and magazines, then you’ve probably seen this trend – the single earring. Wearing one bold earring is asymmetrical and unbalanced, and it’s definitely daring. You’re adventurous, you’re decisive, you’re fine being different. So make it a showstopper with a new shape, unexpected lines, and an artistic, sculptured look.

Unique Gold Hoops

You might want to make that single earring a spectacular gold hoop. Of course, gold hoop earrings are always in style. But this season, we see some interesting new shapes adorning outfits on the runways. Whether worn on just one ear or both, this season’s gold hoops may be abstract shapes or studded with captivating, colorful jewels. Whatever makes them stand out, they’ll capture your imagination and define your look.

Back to the 1980s

Remember the 1980s? Everything was large and bold –  shoulder pads, hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry to match.  The 1980s saw jewelry that was large, bright, and unique. Think beaded necklaces, ropes of pearls, oversized hoop earrings, and large pendants, brooches, and rings with stunning, colorful gemstones.

Whether it’s bold, asymmetrical, colorful, or retro, let your jewelry speak for you this season.  The theme of fall 2018 jewelry trends is all about making a statement.