10 Gorgeous Diamond Shapes You Need to Know

We think it’s important that every woman knows how to choose the perfect diamond. So we created this guide to help you become an expert. Do you know which diamond fits your personality?

Before making any decisions, it’s good to know the difference between a diamond’s shape and cut.

Put simply, the way the diamond looks is referred to as its ‘shape’, and what is known as the ‘cut’ means the way the light is reflected.  A poor cut loses the light out the sides and bottom, while an excellent cut reflects the light out of the top, making the diamond look almost fiery.

Here are ten of the most gorgeous diamond shapes, to help you make your choice.

Which Diamond Shape Fits Your Personality?

  1. Round
    This is the most popular shape as it has the best sparkle. Light bounces from the bottom through the top, making it dance. This diamond shape is the most versatile and can be in any setting. The woman who wears this is classic, timeless and traditional.
  2. Princess
    Square or rectangular, this is the second most popular diamond shape. It sparkles beautifully and its shape makes flaws less noticeable. The least expensive shape to create and can fit into any setting, if you like traditional diamonds with a modern twist, than this shape is for you.
  3. Emerald
    If you’re all about glamour and very confident, this is your diamond shape. A rectangle shape that produces a “hall of mirrors” with stairs, this is a  unique diamond from the art deco period.
  4. Cushion
    A square shape with rounded corners gives this diamond shape a cushion look. This design is for those who care about clarity and have a large stone, as small stones won’t work. This diamond was popular a century ago, and is one for a woman who is fashionable and a romantic.
  5. Asscher
    This shape is very similar to the emerald but is more square. A thick and chunky diamond that was popular in the 1920s, now, it’s mostly found in vintage and antique stores. Those who choose this diamond describes themselves as vintage, feminine and elegant.
  6. Marquise
    An oval with rounded sides and points at each end. This shape makes the diamond look larger than it is and is ideal for maximizing carat weight. The woman who wears this is outgoing and distinctive.
  7. Pear
    The pear shape looks like a twinkling teardrop. It’s a combination of a round and a marquise-shaped diamond with a narrow end point. The lucky lady who wears this is unique and fun.
  8. Radiant
    This shape is a sparkly square and is very hard to find. An elegant look because of its balance between a cushion and princess diamond. It’s for a fun and flirty personality.
  9. Heart
    Often more about originality, those who choose heart-shaped  diamonds want to symbolize love. It’s for those who are sentimental and romantic.
  10. Oval
    Oval diamonds are very symmetrical and have a stunning brilliance. The elongated shape lengthens short fingers, giving an illusion of slender-looking fingers. It’s popular as a solitaire setting and a great fit for a bold and creative personality.

Now that you know all about diamonds and which one fits your personality, it’s time to go shopping.  Check out some of HannaOlenik’s gorgeous diamond jewelry – and find a diamond to fit your personality.