Fine Diamond & Bridal Jewelry Collection

Middle Eastern Jewelry Collection

The Middle East Collection was designed by Hanna to spread a message of love and happiness with our beautiful lucky and happy charms, for all ages and occasions,
These beautiful signs are used for love, protection and happiness and will be recognized by everyone.

Fine Diamond & Bridal Jewelry Collection

Whether you’re a blushing bride to be, or just a diamond fan, Hanna’s collection of classic, beautiful shapes and cuts will find their way into your heart and mind… and maybe, you’ll want to share the love they bring.

Hanna's Story

Hanna Olenik’s store was founded as a small jewelry boutique in Belgium in the 1980’s and available to Hanna’s closest family and friends only, Hanna’s collections of breathtaking jewelries has grown into an international jewelry studio – manufacturing in Italy, Israel and Belgium – and is celebrated for Hanna’s ingenious, unique and fascinating works of art.